High speed unlimited maritime Internet on demand


uSAIL® a la Carte is the most flexible maritime broadband Internet in the market. Ensures unlimited high speed broadband connectivity, including low rates telephony, on a daily basis, as low as 39€/day. Featured coverage for high-speed Internet applications, ideal for seasonnal profiles as yachts, charters, ferries, regional transport, tugs as well as rescue vessels.


uSAIL® is innovative because fits the needs of each type of use at sea, whether short periods in days or for months, it is also simple because it can be managed by any one from any mobile or computer, and it is finally cost-effective because it is paid only when is used.

High speed Internet

Fast always on Internet at sea for all type of uses and devices.


Flat rate on a daily basis

Flexible for seasonal use. No minimum fees, you pay only for what you use, by days, weeks or months, even for a year if you prefer.


Intuitive management system via web or mobile.


Unlike existing systems, there are no volume limits.


Available across all european waters and beyond. 

Telephone included

A phone line is included at very low rates.